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Warranty & Service

At Electro Pedal we are dedicated to providing outstanding warranty and after service for all our customers. We understand that people who purchase their electric bike online are looking to buy from a trustworthy retailer who will assist them down the road with warranty, service, and parts. We make sure you have peace of mind with such an important purchase.

If you need a spare part, head over to our parts department by clicking here.


How to access your warranty:


X-Treme electric bikes:

The length of the warranty is listed on each individual product page. Upon purchase of your bike, you will receive a warranty number. To open a warranty claim, click here.

  • Retrieve your warranty number that was sent upon purchase.
  • Fill out the form, be sure to include the warranty number under your "Order/Invoice Number"

Someone will be in contact within two business days to facilitate warranty service.


Green Bike USA electric bikes:

Their warranty includes 18 months coverage on the frame, motor and the lithium battery, and 12 months for the controller and charger. Their warranty does not cover the front and rear lights. They are not  liable for financial or physical damage caused by reckless or unreasonable usage of the product.

If you need to access your warranty for a Green Bike USA product, please email us at info@electropedal, include "Warranty" and your order number in the e-mail subject. We will be in contact within 2 business days to facilitate warranty service.