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e-Joe Electric Bikes

In 2008, Willy Suwandy established e-JOE Electric Bikes in San Diego, California for one simple reason: To make a practical, affordable, high-quality electric bike for nearly everyone–men, women, seniors, kids, commuters, fitness enthusiasts, RVers, boat owners… an ebike for the average Joe!

Willy’s passion for bikes started as a young child and grew as a teenager, then as a college student at Seattle’s University of Washington where he earned a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. His early career took him to China working as an electrical engineer for global companies like Sony Electronics and Cisco. Noticing the popularity of ebikes throughout Asia he determined to apply his background in electronics with his love for recreational cycling. Combining his knowledge of manufacturing, battery electricity, and passion for product design he started the company by naming it eJoe, the electric bike for the “average Joe.”

e-JOE ebikes are made with the highest quality parts and components, yet available to cyclists at an extremely affordable price. They are designed to be comfortable, safe, practical, and fun to ride. Dealers who represent eJoe in bike shops around the country agree…

“There’s no ebike more focused on the sweet spot of the fast-growing electric bike market. The dead-center middle of price affordability, quality, fully-equipped features and blow-your-hair-back fun is dominated by one brand: e-JOE.”