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Electric Bikes - What does volts, watts, and ah mean?

Posted by Sean Newman on

You may be in the market for a new electric bike and confused what the terms volts, watts, and ah mean in relation to a bikes battery. Knowing these technical terms will help you compare prospective bikes and make a better decision. Lets dive right into an example of an electric bike...the Green Bike USA GB2 Beach Cruiser .

This bike features a 36 Volt, 350 Watt, 13 AH battery.

A savvy electric bike buyer would immediately recognize that this bike probably has a long range per charge and moderate power. Read each explanation below and you will see why.


Volts are a very important way of measuring power in an electric bike. Generally e-bikes come in either 24V, 36V, or 48V. The higher the voltage, the faster the electricity can be pushed through the battery to the motor to power the bike. Volts can affect the responsiveness of your bike, but do not have much impact on the range per charge of the bike.


Think of watts as how much power the motor can consume at one time . E-Bikes are usually between 250-600 watts, but can go much higher to 750 or 1200 watts in the ProdecoTech Outlaw series.

Higher watts will increase acceleration and power but also decrease the range per charge. Many bikes are starting to offer 48 Volt, 350 Watt batteries because they are fast, responsive, and have a long range per charge. One excellent example of this battery is in the new Juiced Bikes Cross Current.

AH - Amp Hours

Ah simply refers to the capacity of power that the battery can hold.

Think of ah like your gas tank. If you have a higher AH (10+), you will probably get a nice long range per charge. This number varies in e-bikes but is usually between 8-13 ah. One thing to note is that  batteries with a higher ah are often larger in physical size. The Green Bike USA GB2 example used above is an electric bike with a high rating - 13ah.

Now that you have learned what these terms mean you should be able to understand and select the right e-bike to meet your needs.



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