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X-Treme Alpine Trails vs. Trailmaker electric bikes - The difference explained

Two of the most popular X-Treme electric bikes offered by Electro Pedal are the Alpine Trails and the Trailmaker. Many customer's find these two bikes but know the differences between the two. Their frame and color choices are very similar, but the components are different. The Alpine Trail electric bike sells for $649.00 and the Trailmaker sells for $849.00. This article will break down the main differences between the bikes and what the extra $200 will get you. Alpine Trails Sealed Lead Acid Battery Steel Frame Caliper Brakes 7 Speed Shimano Gears and Shifter 65 Lbs weight (with battery installed, total weight of battery 21 lbs) 24 Volt 300 Watt battery, capable of 20 mile range and 20 MPH cruising... Read More

Green Bike USA - The best value in the mid-price electric bike market

Green Bike USA is a Florida based electric bike company that has made a serious splash in the industry for their high quality and reasonably priced electric bikes. Offering e-bikes mainly in the $1,000-$1,500 price range, they offer serious value to buyers. Their greatest selling points and what separate them from other manufacturer's is their offering of bikes that include: 36 Volt Samsung battery systems - Industry standard battery set-ups. 350 Watt motors - A good mix of power and economy. 10.4 and 13 Amp Hour batteries - Gone are the days of running out of charge half way through a ride. Along with the 350 watt motors, you will be able to achieve ranges of 30-50 miles per charge.... Read More