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Electric Bikes - What does volts, watts, and ah mean?

You may be in the market for a new electric bike and confused what the terms volts, watts, and ah mean in relation to a bikes battery. Knowing these technical terms will help you compare prospective bikes and make a better decision. Lets dive right into an example of an electric bike...the Green Bike USA GB2 Beach Cruiser . This bike features a 36 Volt, 350 Watt, 13 AH battery. A savvy electric bike buyer would immediately recognize that this bike probably has a long range per charge and moderate power. Read each explanation below and you will see why. Volts: Volts are a very important way of measuring power in an electric bike. Generally e-bikes come in either 24V,... Read More

ProdecoTech Coupon - How to get the lowest price on your bike

ProdecoTech electric bikes are a hot trend right now, offering bikes with both pedal assist and throttle mode. American made at their production facility in Florida, the bikes have been selling off the shelves like crazy. Since they are in such high demand, everyone is looking for a ProdecoTech coupon. Electric bike buyers want companies that stand behind their brands, but that comes with a higher price. They are more expensive than bikes imported from China... ProdecoTech Phantom x2 - $1,699.00 ProdecoTech Rebel X - $2,399.00 ProdecoTech Outlaw SS - $2,399.00 ProdecoTech Mariner - $1,399.00 See what I mean?? So how do you get the cheapest price on your bike? Is there a ProdecoTech coupon? There is no coupon, but... Read More